FAQ / Checklist

What is not included in the price of the hunt?  Do you have a camp minimum?

Not included is Hunting license, Airfare, one night motel room stay, and your Canadian gun registration.

Yes, We do have a camp minimum.  Our deer on the average score a 140-160 on the Boone-Crocket scale.  In order for us to continue offering big deer year after year, we must enforce a camp minimum.
The camp minimum is 130bc.  Because we know it is hard to judge a deer in the wild, we allow a 10″ leeway down to 120bc.  If you shoot a deer below 120bc, you will be fined $ 500.00.  This is due before you leave camp.  Cash or money order only. We do not do this for the money, but so that we can offer a quality buck and hunt. 


For a reference you may call some of our previous or present hunters.  Please use courtesy and make sure it is a good time for them to speak.  Please do not call before 9 am or after 9 pm eastern time.

1).  Chad Sigmon- 704-506-6262

2).  Jim Sabo- 419-355-3032

Other Useful Information

Our hunts are from Monday thru Friday.  You should arrive in Saskatoon on Saturday and we will pick you up at the motel of your choice on Sunday at 12:00 noon.  We will then return you to the Saskatoon Airport the following Saturday  at 12:00 noon.

You should make arrangements to fly into Saskatoon.  Most of our hunters make their arrangements thru Northwest Airlines, because they have the best time schedule for our needs.  Most flights go thru Minneapolis, MN before arriving into Saskatoon.  When making your flight arrangements, be sure to Make arrangements to fly back home after lunch on Saturday.  We will have you back to the airport around lunch time.  Northwest Airlines phone number is 1-800-225-2525.

Uniglobe Travel in Saskatoon  has worked out for us very well.  Joanne and Lorraine are very good to work with.  Be sure and tell them you are with Proudfoot Outfitters.  Their number is 1-800-565-6562

Most all our hunters stay at the Best Western. We will pick you up at Noon at the Motel of your choice on the Sunday before your hunt starts.  We then go to camp, get setteled in, have a nice dinner and go over the rules and regulations.  The number for the Best Western in Saskatoon is 1-306-244-5552.  Be sure and tell them you are with Proudfoot Outfitters and receive a 10% discount.

A passport is now required to enter back into the USA from Canada.  If you need forms to get a passport you can go to  your local passport agency or see the link below for the government passport site.

You will be required to get your gun registered before entering Canada.  You can Pre-register your gun and save yourself some time at the border.  This cost around $ 25.00 US dollars.  We will send you a gun registration form with instructions.


for a passport application / information

For Canadian Gun Registration Link and forms CLICK HERE

Suggested Motels

1).  Best Western Inn & Suites
1715 Idylwyld Drive N.
10% discount given when you mention Proudfoot Outfitters
Free Airport Shuttle. Has Restaurant.  Most of our hunters stay here.

2).  Saskatoon Inn

2002 Airport Drive
Located 2 minutes from Airport and Seven minutes from downtown.  Restaurant, Lounge, Indoor Pool

3).  Country Inn & Suites
617 Cynthia Street
1-800-456-40004).  Travel Lodge
101 Circle Drive West
1-306-242-8881…has restaurant



Hunters Checklist

  • *Required Item:  Warm Clothing, Boots, gloves, and orange hat.  Your hat must be solid orange.  Your outerwear must be a SOLID color of either yellow, orange, red, or white.  You must have a Top with the solid color.  White is the recommended color.
  • *Required ItemA soft gun case for after you arrive in Canada.  The Canadian law is that your gun must be in a soft gun case when you travel between the camp and your stand.
  • *Required Item:  Gun and Ammo.  Ammo must be in it’s own packaging and cannot be put in your carry on.  Your gun case should be in a hard gun case and locked with the key easily accessible.  Check with your airline for the latest rules and regulations.
  • *Required Item:  A Government issued passport.
  • *Required Item: Form JUS909 Gun registration form.  It is highly recommended that you pre-approve your gun.  We will send out a gun Registration form with instructions.  or, you may also go to Canada Customs…see link below.
  • See Below for Optional items….


Optional Items to make your hunt more pleasurable!

  • Hand, toe and body warmers
  • Knife
  • 30″ rope-for bow hunters only
  • Safety harness or belt-for bow hunters only
  • Deer Caller & Rattling Horns
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Small back pack
  • Thermos
  • Binoculars
  • Flashlight w/ extra batteries
  • 2 way radio
  • Camera
  • Duct tape for return trip home(for boxes to put deer head in)
  • Slip on house slippers for camp

Suggested List for Bear Hunters

  • Required Government Issued Passport
  • Required-Rifle Hunters must have full outer clothing, Top and Bottom in either SOLID red, white, yellow, or orange.
  • Required-Rifle hunters must have a hat of either SOLID red, yellow, or orange, NO camo.
  • Bow or Muzzleloader hunters can wear camo.
  • Required-Soft Gun case to carry gun in between camp and stand.
  • Required-Form Jus909 gun registration form.
  • Rain gear may be needed
  • Prepare clothes for anywhere from 30 to 80 degrees.
  • Compass or GPS
  • knife
  • Camera
  • Weapon and Ammo.  We recommend at least a 30 caliber rifle or higher with a 220 grain bullet or higher.  If you Black Powder hunt you need a 260 or larger grain bullet.  If you hunt with a slug shot gun, use the biggest available.
  • Duct tape
  • Large Freezer bags for meat if you want to take meat home.
  • Flashlight and batteries
  • 30′ Nylon Rope 1/4 ” thick
  • Safety Belt
  • Please note , we have a low success rate for smokers.  The Bears have an excellent sense of smell.
  • Bug repellent